Any Other Man (Single, 2022)

"Any Other Man" (2022)

David Young: vocals; acoustic, electric guitars; bass

Deven Young: drums

Patrick Sharrow: background vocals

Sarah Grenier: background vocals

Produced by David Young and Kevin Grenier

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Grenier at Hidden Creek Music

The writing of "Any Other Man" began at a kitchen table and ended in a garage. On a late, hazy night in '20, I sat hunched over my acoustic guitar, scribbling words and chords furiously onto scraps of paper scattered in front of me. Hot berry tea steamed away in the soft glow of my lamp. My phone sat on the table in front of me, dutifully rolling a voice recording of every scrap of song I plucked and hummed that night.

Somewhere in the scribbles and endless stops and starts, I began to whittle away a new tune. I remember feeling "the thing". When I'm getting close to an idea worth chasing a little further, I get this feeling. It's kind of like a slow grin spreading across my fingers and my mind.  I felt the song start to take shape, the rhythms falling into place and the harmonies ringing in my head while I hummed and poked at phrases.  When the grin found its way to my face, I knew I'd hit a good vein. Half asleep, I worked that song as long as I could. But alas, by the morning it still needed something.


The song floated around the back of my mind for about a year. I hummed it constantly, but I couldn't figure out how to finish it. Eventually, I decided to book studio time and force its hand. My brother Deven flew down to Nashville to record drums, and we went into rehearsal the day before tracking. We got to my buddy's garage rehearsal space, plugged in, turned the volume up, and tore into the song.

Hearing "Any Other Man" electric for the first time was a memory I'll never forget. It's what the song needed, and it's why I couldn't finish it until then. Within minutes, we'd written the song's bridge. It was forever changed, destined to rock. We went into Hidden Creek Music the very next day and cut it.