Can-Am (2022)

"Can-Am" (2022)

David Young - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, harmonica, lap steel, piano, organ

Deven Young - drums (except The Ballad of Big Meanie)

Sarah Grenier - harmony/background ocals (Shadow Man, Any Other Man, Gimme A Good Fight, Glimmer)

Patrick Sharrow - harmony/background vocals (West to Denver, Shadow Man, Any Other Man, Glimmer, Trying to Get Back Home); guitar (Shadow Man)

Gloria Anderson - harmony/background vocals (Shadow Man, Glimmer, Trying to Get Back Home)

Micah Nortrup - drums, background vocals (The Ballad of Big Meanie)

Ridge Banks - acoustic guitar, background vocals (The Ballad of Big Meanie)

Kevin Grenier - cymbals (The Angel In My Arms)

Hank Dunham - kick drum (The Angel In My Arms)

Produced by David Young and Kevin Grenier

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Grenier at Hidden Creek Music, Nashville, February-October, 2021

All songs written by David Young, except "Any Other Man", written by David Young and Deven Young

Vocal harmonies arranged by David Young and Sarah Grenier

Vocal coaching/production - Courtney Waldron

Album concept/design - David Young

Album cover - Austin Dellamano

Inside jacket and liner photos - Austin Dellamano

Can-Am logo, moose, loon, bear, lynx illustrations and associated elements - Carlo Clemente