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New Single "my believer" OUT NOW!

are you giving it everything you've got? and if not, why not?

Thank you, but this

sale. i've genuinely

someone else's

again. and i've come

i'm right back at the

so far, and everything

living with imminence

man feel limitless,

misplaced. and i'm

keeps me up at night.

guiding light. And

I feel like I'm standing

I'm a dreamer, born

my believer, yer

DY+IK 3 Kings WHITE_edited.png
My Believer.jpg

time i'm not for

given myself to

dream time and time

so far just to feel like

Start. and i've Come

is all turned around.

and grace can make a

chickenshit, perfectly

a dreamer, but it

My believer, yer my

I've come so far, and

on mercury or mars.

Singing in the dark.

my guiding star.

DY+IK 3 Kings WHITE.png

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David's solo album featuring 'The Ballad of Big Meanie' and 'Any Other Man'

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