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Conceived in 2015, David Young & The Interstate Kings are a three-piece plugged-in tour-de-force.  Based out of Maine, The Interstate Kings pull inspiration from a variety of Americana genres to craft their unique style: Rock n' Roll, Blues, Country, and Folk influence all come together in one band to create a truly American sound.

The Interstate Kings have over 30 years of combined instrumental experience between them, despite the fact that they're only in their early 20s.  


With ears for the old and minds for the new, The Interstate Kings take the best from Americana music through the ages to create a truly timeless sound sure to get people dancing and thinking at the same time.

David Young and The Interstate Kings
The Interstate Kings
David Young

David began playing music at the age of ten, forgetting to bring a guitar pick to his first lesson.  He soon developed a finger-picking style similar to that of musicians such as James Taylor, Mark Knopfler, and Lightnin' Hopkins.  He recorded his first full-length solo album, Acousticism, at the age of 17 with the help of Maine producer Mike Krapovicky and drummer Deven Young.  In early 2018, he released his second full-length album of original material, titled Midnight Road.  Midnight Road was recorded at Long Road Home Studios in Ompah, Ontario with his grandfather, Dave Young.  On the record, David recorded vocals and played guitar, bass, lap steel, harmonica, percussion, and accordion while his grandfather played bass and sang harmonies.

David has played many shows around Northern New England and Southern Canada as both a solo act and as the singer/guitarist for The Interstate Kings.  He's performed in a variety of venues such as bars, restaurants, barns, churches, auditoriums, festivals, and even nursing homes.  His ability to interact with an audience big or small allows for an intimate show that is sure to leave the listener smiling, dancing, or humming along.

Deven Young

Deven Young began playing drums at age 12, when he began studying Jazz Drum Theory under renowned instructor Carl Menard.  Deven draws his influence from many drummers including Steve Ferrone, Brent Fitz, and Johnny Fay of The Tragically Hip. His musical interests extend into a vast sonic territory: Rock N' Roll, Blues, Outlaw Country, and Folk are where he finds himself most at home.  He and brother David began playing together with Seth in high school, under the name "The Rubber Band".  The Rubber Band eventually evolved into the Interstate Kings brand.

Growing up in a musical household, playing an instrument was an inevitability for Seth Martin. Seth dabbled with multiple instruments over the years including drums, cello, and banjo; however, he ultimately landed on guitar and bass. Seth has studied under multiple teachers at various levels of formality since he was young.  Seth's favorite bassists include Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, and Thundercat.  He and David Young began playing music together as Freshmen in High School. 

Seth Martin
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